Mime Signs – T,  U and V

Tear (rip) – Mime tearing (F hands handshapes) something in half.

Telephone – Mime holding a telephone receiver (Y hand handshape) to your ear.

Throw (cast, dump, pitch, throw away, toss) – Mime throwing away (S hand handshape becomes the 5 hand handshape) an object.

Tie (knot) – Mime the action of tying (modified X hands handshapes) a knot.

Toothbrush – Mime using a toothbrush (index finger handshape).

Toothpaste – Mime applying (10 hand handshape) toothpaste on your toothbrush (index finger handshape). (Note: the 10 hand looks like the A hand except the thumb is extended.)

Toothpick – Mime using a toothpick (modified X hand handshape).

Towel – Mime you are using a towel to dry off (S hands handshape) your back. 

Trigger – Mime the action of pulling (L hand handshape becomes an X hand handshape) a trigger on a gun.

Typewriter – Mime the action of typing (curved 5 hands handshapes)

Umbrella – Mime you are holding an umbrella and opening it up (S hands handshapes).

Up – Point up (index finger handshape).

Ups and downs – Mime the highs and lows in life (B hand handshape). 

Violin – Mime you are holding the neck of a violin (curved hand handshape) and moving the bow (F hand handshape) to play it.

Volleyball – Mime you are hitting (open hands handshape) the ball over the net.

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