Movement Description – the designated handshapes, one on top of the other, reverse positions.

A Hands for adjust, adjustment, alter, adapt, change, (Increase your sign vocabulary and use this same sign for: switch, shift, turn.  They are not shown on video however also signed with the A handshape)

F Hands for interpret, interpreting

T Hands for translate, translation, transform, transformation

Visit Mime Signs Dictionary and Sign Families by NeoHear authored by Lois N Maroney for an updated video.

Added to this sign family are the following signs: E Hands for encode, evolution, R Hands for repent, repentance, reverse, X Hands for change (alternate sign), Open Hands for become, turn into, C Hands for convert (slight variation), D hands for decode (slight variation), M Hands for modification, modify (slight variation) and R hands for renovate, renovation, remodel and restore (slight variation).