Mime Signs – A

Abhor, abhorrence (avoid, loathe)  –  Mime pushing (open hands handshapes) something you abhor away from you. Be sure to use expression!

Accordion –  Mime (with the S hands handshapes) playing the accordion.

Addicted (addiction, hooked)  – Mime that you are hooked (X hand handshape tugging at the corner of your mouth).

Alligator (jaws) –  Mime the jaws of an alligator opening and closing (curved 5 hands handshapes are the jaws).

Ape (gorilla) – Mime acting like a monkey (curved 5 hands moving on the side of the body) and then pound your chest (S hands handshape) just like a gorilla would!

Apostrophe (comma)  – Mime drawing (with the index finger handshape) a comma in the air.

Applaud (applause, clap)  – Mime clapping (open hands handshapes) just like you would clap after a performance.

Approximate (approximately, about, around, thereabouts) – Mime (with the 5 hand handshape) a natural gesture of showing approximation. 

Apron –  Mime you are putting the straps of an apron around your waist and tying (modified X hands handshapes) them.

Archery (arrow) – Pretend you are holding a bow in front of you (grasped with your S hand handshape) and mime the action of pulling back and releasing the string (with your dominant A hand handshape).

Aside (put aside, put away) – Mime as if you are pushing away (open hands handshapes) something to the side of you.

Ask (pray, request, prayer) – Mime that you are praying (open hands handshapes).

Away (get away, go) – Mime as if you are waving off (open hand handshape) someone or something to go away.

Mime Signs – B

Baby (infant) – Mime you are cradling a baby in your arms.

Banana  – Mime you are peeling (A hand handshape) a banana (index finger handshape).

Baseball (softball) – Mime that you are gripping (S hands handshapes) a bat and swinging it.

Basketball – Mime you are throwing (curved 5 hands handshapes) a basketball.

Beat (batter, mix, stir)  – Mime you are holding a bowl (C hand handshape) and stirring the contents of the bowl with a spoon (A hand handshape).

Beckon (come on, recruit)  – Mime you are beckoning (index finger handshape curling to an X hand handshape) someone to come closer.

Bed – Mime you are sleeping with your hands together (open hands handshapes) to the side of your head as if there was a pillow there. 

Bicycle (bike, pedal, ride a bicycle) – Mime you are pedaling a bike (S hands handshapes).

Binoculars  – Mime you are using (C hands handshapes) binoculars. 

Blow nose (head cold)  – Mime you are blowing your nose (A hand handshape).

Book – Mime you opening (open hands handshapes) a book.                                                                                                     

Bowling (bowl) – Mime the action of throwing the bowling bowl down the lane (curved 3 hand handshape).

Boxing (box, fight)  – Mime you are boxing (S hands handshapes).

Break (tear apart) – Mime that you are breaking (S hands handshapes) something in half.

Bride (bridesmaid)  – Mime a bride holding (S hands handshapes) a bouquet and the bouquet moves with the bride step by step.  

Brownies (Cub Scouts) – Mime the action of saluting (H hand handshape).

Brush (brush hair) – Mime the action of brushing (A hand handshape) your hair.

Mime Signs –C

Call (call out, holler, yell) – Mime the action of calling (C hand handshape) out to someone.

Call (phone, telephone) – Mime holding (Y hand handshape) a telephone to your ear.

Calm (calm down, relax) – Mime that you are trying to calm (5 hands handshapes) someone down.

Camera – Mime that you are holding a camera (modified C hands handshapes) and clicking the shutter to take a picture.

Canoe – Mime the action of paddling (S hands handshapes) a canoe.

Cold (chilly, frigid, shiver, winter) – Mime that you are shaking (S hands handshapes) from the cold weather.  

Comb   – Mime that you are combing (curved 5 hand handshape) your hair.

Come on (come in)  – Mime you are motioning (open hand handshape) someone to come in.

Congratulations (congratulate)  – Mime that you are congratulating by clasping your hands together (curved hands handshapes) and shaking them.

Contact lens  – Mime that you are placing (bent middle finger of the 5 hand handshape) a contact lens on your eye.

Crazy (wacky) – Mime (index finger handshape) that something or someone is crazy.

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