Mime Signs – H

Hack (karate) – Mime a hack (B hand handshape).

Hail (bow, worship) – Mime the exaggerated action of hailing someone (open hands handshapes)   

Haircut – Mime the action of scissors (V hand handshape) cutting one’s hair.

Hair spray – Mime the action of putting on (index finger handshape) hairspray.

Hamburger – Mime the action of forming (curved hands handshapes) a patty in the palm of your hands.

Hammer – Mime the action of hammering (A hand handshape).

Hang up the phone – Mime the action of hanging up (Y hand handshape) a phone.

Harmonica – Mime the action of playing (flattened C hands handshapes) a harmonica.

Harp – Mime the action of playing (5 hands handshapes) a harp.

Hawaii – Mime the action (open hand handshapes) a hula dance.

Hesitate – Mime the action of hesitating as if you were pushing back (open hands handshapes) on the subject.

Hi – Mime the action of waving (open hand handshape) “Hi”.

Hitchhike (hitch) – Mime the action of sticking one thumbs (10 hand handshape) out to catch a ride. (Note: the 10 hand looks like the A hand except the thumb is extended.)

Hug (affectionate, affection, embrace, love) – Mime the action of hugging (S hands handshapes) by giving yourself a hug!

Mime Signs – I and J

Ice cream – Mime the action (S hand handshape) of an ice cream cone moving as if you were eating it.

Iron – Mime the action of an iron moving on an ironing board (S hand handshape is the iron and the open hand handshape is the board). 

Itch (itchy, irritate) – Mime scratching (curved 5 hand handshape) the back of your hand.

Jab – Mme the action of giving someone a jab, by jabbing yourself (index finger handshape) in the ribs!

Jog (jogging) – Mime the action of jogging (S hands handshapes).

Jump rope – Mime the action of jump roping, by pretending you are holding and swinging (A hands handshapes) the jump rope.

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