Mime Signs – N and O

Napkin – Mime the action of using (open hand handshape) a napkin at one’s mouth. 

Needlework (sew) – Mime the action (F hand handshapes) of needlework.

Nervous (nervously, anxiety, anxious) – Mime how one’s hands shake (5 hand handshapes) when nervous.

Never mind (blah, nay) – Mime the action of telling someone “never mind” by waving (open hand handshape) them  off.

Nudge (push) – Mime the action of giving someone a gentle “one-handed” push (open hand handshape).

Oath (inaugural, inauguration, pledge) –  Mime the action of taking an oath with your hand raised (open hand handshape) and other hand on the Bible (open hand handshape).

Mime Signs – P

Pack – Mime the action of putting (flattened O hand handshape) things in a bag.

Paint (brush) – Mime painting (open hand handshape) a wall (open hand handshape).

Panties – Mime the action of pulling up (F hand handshapes) panties!

Pantyhose – Mime the action of pulling up (F hands handshape) pantyhose!

Pass (as in throwing a football) – Mime the action of tossing (C hand handshape) a football.

Pass out (deal, distribute) – Mime the action of dealing (modified X hand handshape) cards.

Pat – Mime that you received a pat (open hand handshape) on the back!

Peek – Mime that you are looking through a peephole (F hand handshape).

Peel (pare) – Mime you are peeling (10 hand handshape) a carrot (index finger handshape). (Note: the 10 hand looks like the A hand except the thumb is extended.)

Penguin – Mime how a penguin moves (open hands handshapes).

Piano (organ) – Mime the action of fingers pressing (curved 5 hands handshapes) the keys on a piano or organ.

Picket (protest) – Mime holding (S hands handshapes) a pole for picketing. 

Pin (pushpin, tack, thumb tack) – Mime the action of pushing (F hand handshape) a pin into a bulletin board.

Pinch – Mime the action of pinching (modified X hand handshape) by actually giving yourself a pinch on the back of your hand. 

Ping pong – Mime the action of playing (A hand handshape) ping-pong.

Pitch – Mime the action of throwing (curved 3 hand handshape) a baseball.

Poncho (hood) –  Mime the action of lifting a hood and covering your head (modified X hand handshape). 

Pool (billiards) – Mime the action of playing pool (F hand handshape and A hand handshape). 

Pour (fill) – Mime the action of holding (C hand handshape)  a container and pouring (A hand handshape) the contents.  

Powder (season, seasoning) – Mime the action of seasoning a dish by sprinkling (C hand handshape) on the seasoning.

Pray (ask, request, prayer) – Mime how one holds their hands (open hands handshape) while praying.

Punch (hit) – Mime the action of throwing (S hand handshape) a punch. (not on video but I am sure you can do this one!)

Puppet (marionette) – Mime how you would hold the strings of a puppet to make it dance (F hands handshape).

Purse (handbag, luggage, suitcase, carrying case) – Mime how you would look if you were holding (S hand handshape) a handbag. (The look would change depending on how heavy it is (suitcase).

Push – Mime the action of giving someone or something a shove (open hands handshapes).

Putt – Mime the action of making a putt (A hands handshapes) on the green.

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