This is not a sign language dictionary website where my family and I teach all signs A to Z, rather it groups a specified number of signs together in ways that encourages easy learning and starts the process of building a sign language vocabulary.   Every time my family signs just one word in a spoken sentence that is one less word I need to speechread.

If you are looking for perfection, you will not find it here.   We are not sign language interpreters.  Our focus is on communicating.  It’s a website about a family and how our family responded to late-deafness when deafness came knocking on our door.

You will find articles I wrote which share my journey in accepting deafness. Additionally there are articles that my family members and friends have written offering their journey.  After all, late-deafness impacted their lives as well.  I hope this website will boost your confidence that you can learn sign and that you can cope with late-deafness.