Sara’s Dad Shares, As He Phrases It, “siNGing & siGNing”

I recently received an email from my daughter in-law, Sara.  The email contained an article her father wrote for  Sara’s parents, Dave and Gloria, do not know sign, but that did not stop them one Christmas Eve from the desire to communicate and the willingness to learn a few signs.  I am so thrilled Dave shared his and Gloria’s signing experience, as I hope it encourages friends and family members that signing can be fun and can bring joy.  So read on as Dave shares “siNGing & siGNing”.


“Lois is our daughter Sara’s mother-in-law, and we have spent many family occasions with the Maroney family.  Since Lois was a hearing person a good portion of her life, she still voices.  So, in many situations,  it is not necessary for her to sign in order to communicate with Gloria and myself.  She is also an excellent lip reader.  There are times, however, when it is necessary to ask someone to sign for us, which is usually Dan, her son, or Sara.

Her website is very interesting.  We have been on it several times and have enjoyed watching all the family signing letters, words, and phrases.

The Maroney’s have a Christmas Eve tradition of singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – with a twist.  NOT ONLY do you sing your part, you MUST ALSO sign your part, while singing.  If you goof it up, the entire song starts over.  It can take some time.  And depending on the egg nog intake, it is always more hilarious!!  And such great fun.  Gloria and I love being included in such a fun tradition, and I have come to realize, through this tradition,

                                                     “siNGing & siGNing”

are joyfully the same.  Wonderful job, Lois.  Dave and Glo”

You can imagine how joyful that holiday gathering was for me and how happy I was when Dave and Gloria were so willing to learn some sign.  When I look back at the years I was first struggling with becoming deaf,  I remember too many times of feeling alone even when surrounded by the people I loved the most.   Holiday gatherings can be hard for those who become deaf.  It takes a game plan to change that, and that game plan for me was to learn sign and then help my family learn it as well.  “siNGing & siGNing” is a fun and creative way to help family and friends learn sign.