Mime Signs – Q and R

Quiet (shhh, be quiet) – Mime how you would tell someone to hush (index finger handshape).

Quotation (quote, theme, title, entitle, so-called, subject, topic, issue) – Mime, by drawing in the air, what quotation marks (V hands handshapes) look like.

Raise (lift) – Mime the action of raising (open hand handshape) an object in your hand.

Raise a window – Mime the action of opening a window by lifting up (open hands handshapes) on it.

Raise one’s hand – Mime the action of raising (open hand handshape) your hand.

Referee (whistle) – Mime the action of blowing a whistle (V hand handshape).

Reject  (decline, turn down, veto) – Mime the” thumb action” (10 hand handshape) of vetoing an idea. (Note: the 10 hand looks like the A hand except the thumb is extended.)

Remote control – Mime the action of using a remote to turn on (10 hand handshape) the TV.  (Note: the 10 hand looks like the A hand except the thumb is extended.)

Robot – Mime how you think a robot would move (open hands handshapes).

Rolling pin – Mime how you would use (S hands handshapes) a rolling pin on dough.

Row (rowboat) – Mime how oars move (S hands handshapes).

Mime Signs – S

Salad  – Mime you are tossing (curved hands handshapes) the ingredients in a salad bowl. 

Salute – Mime you are saluting (B hand handshape) someone.

Scissors (clippers, shears) –  Mime the action of a scissors opening and closing (V hand handshape).

Scold (admonish, rebuke, reprimand) – Mime the action of reprimanding someone (index finger handshape).

Scoop – Mime how a scoop moves (curved hand handshape).

Shame (shame on you) – Mime how the hands move to make the statement “shame on you” (index fingers handshapes).

Shampoo (wash one’s hair) –  Mime the action of washing (curved 5 hands handshapes) your hair.

Shot (hypodermic, inject, vaccine) – Mime that you are getting a shot in your arm (L hand handshape).

Shoulder pad – Mime that you are putting pads on your shoulders (curved 5 hands handshapes).

Shrug – Just shrug!

Shudder (tremble as in fear or horror) – Mime that you are trembling (5 hands handshapes).

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