Movement Description – with the designated handshapes, side by side in front of you, move them apart in outward arcs and have them come together again (pinky side by pinky side) in front of you.  Watch my son, Dan, do the signs!

A Hands for agency, association

C Hands for class, category, bracket, bunch, mass, section, series

D Hands for department, departmental, division

F Hand for family

G Hands for group

H Hands for huddle

L Hands for league

O Hands for organization

R Hands for relative

S Hands for society, sorority

T Hands for team

W to an S Hands for workshop

Visit Mime Signs Dictionary and Sign Families by NeoHear authored by Lois N Maroney for an updated video.

Added to this sign family are the following signs: F Hands for fraternity, S Hands for set (computer term meaning) and 4 Hands for circle/circular formation.