Mime Signs – K and L

Kangaroo  – Mime (with the bent hand handshapes) how you think a kangaroo moves!

Key – Mime the action of turning a key (X hand handshape) in a keyhole (open hand handshape).

Knob – Mime the action of turning (curved 5 hand handshape) a doorknob.

Knock – Mime the action of knocking (A hand handshape) on a door (open hand handshape.

Like (fond of) – Mime the natural gesture of showing you really like something by pretending you are kissing the back of your hand (S hand handshape).

Lipstick – Mime the action of applying (modified X hand handshape) lipstick!

Mime Signs – M

Machine gun – Mime the action of holding and firing a machine gun (S hand handshapes).

Makeup (cosmetics) – Mime the action of putting on (flattened O hand handshape) make-up.

Manicure – Mime the action of using scissors (3 hand handshape moving like scissors) and then applying (index finger handshape) nail polish.

Marijuana (pot) – Mime the action of having  (F hand handshape) a joint!

Mash (smash) –  Mime the action of mashing (open hand handshapes) something together that is in your hand.

Microphone – Mime that you are using (S hand handshape)  a microphone.

Microscope – Mime that you are using a microscope (O hand handshapes).

Milk – Mime the action of milking a cow (alternating C hands handshapes turning into an S hands handshapes).

Mix (blend, complex, complicate, confuse, disorder, scramble, stir) –  Mime (with the curved 5 hand handshapes) how things get mixed up.

Monkey – Mime the action (curved 5 hand handshapes) of a monkey.

Monster (haunt, haunted, spooky) – Mime how Frankenstein looks with his arms up in the air (curved 5 hand handshapes).

Mop – Mime the action of holding (modified X hand handshapes) and pushing a mop on the floor.

Motorcycle – Mime the action of revving up (S hand handshapes) a motorcycle. 

Muffle (cover one’s mouth)  – Mime how one looks covering (C hand handshape) his/her mouth.

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